Unlimited: An Upgrade in Consciousness

Start Time

12:00 am

21 October 2020

Finish Time

12:00 am

25 October 2020

From October 21 to 25, 2020 your favorite Spiritual Awakening Coach put together the Unlimited: An Upgrade In Consciousness Summit.

At this event, I had conversations with some Major Forces in the World of Enlightenment and Healing.

These people are authors, entrepreneurs, healers, and spiritual masters who are discussing with me what it takes to truly Raise Our Consciousness and Be The Change we wish to see on our planet.

If you’re ready to learn how to live a Supernatural and Extraordinary Life by upgrading how you perceive your world and its circumstances, this event is for You!

All you have to do is Join the Facebook group below! The videos are up in the Units Section ready for you to watch!

I also do a Facebook Live series called Mystical Mastery Mondays every Monday in the group where I cover different topics on how to sustain an Upgraded Consciousness.

And stay tuned for more speakers and events coming into the group. If you’re in the realm of Living Your Life From A Connected and Divine Place, then this group is for you! Join the group with the link at the bottom of the page!

Here are the amazing people I will be speaking with for the Summit!

Rae Irelan

Rae is a Business Coach, Musician, and Speaker. She suffered from Bulimia, Sexual Trauma, and Financial Issues that led her to attempt to commit suicide. And during that attempt, she had a Near Death Experience where she had a conversation with the Divine that completely changed the trajectory of her life. Check out this amazing story!!

And stay tuned till the end to hear the song for Day 1: “Kinfolk” by Shawn Elliot Russell!


Michelle Coutinho

Michelle is an Energy and Sound Healer, Songstress, and Empowerment Coach. Her spiritual journey started at a young age as she grew up with a very spiritual mother. She met Ram Das and Krishna Das, and grew up with their teachings. Now she uses her knowledge to help heal others, and we will be talking about her understanding about energy and emotions, as well as different healing modalities.
She even does a Sound Healing for us. You don’t want to miss this folks!

And catch Shawn Elliot Russell at the end with his song “Ain’t It Something”


Simran Singh

Simran is an Award-Winning Author of 3 books (Conversations with the Universe, Your Journey to Love, and Your Journey to Enlightnement), speaker (including a Ted Talk), and mystic. She also has a radio show and magazine called 11:11 Radio and 11:11 Magazine.

I have known her for the last 7 or 8 years, and she has impacted my life greatly. We get into the depth of topics like Signs and Synchronicities, Shadow work, and Walking the Spiritual Journey and SO MUCH MORE! We’re going real deep in this one! Check it out!

And stay tuned till the end to catch Shawn Elliot Russell and his song “Hey Na Na”.


Sarah R Adams

Sarah is an Intuitive and Multidimensional Healer who raises people’s body’s frequency, clears auras, clears karmic life blockages and so much more. She sees life and energy in a whole New Perspective.

She’s been featured on shows on Gaia TV and Vice TV. I feel so lucky and excited to share with you guys Sarah R Adams.

We get deep into understanding what it takes to live from “God Consciousness.” Get ready y’all we’re about to take off into a whole new level!
Prepare to have your Mind Blown!

And stay tuned till the end to watch Shawn Elliot Russell with his song “One Nation”.


Chris Tracy

Chris is a Spiritual Teacher and Channeler of Mahavatar Babaji, an ancient guru who has been spoken about my multiple yogi’s including Paramahansa Yogananda in his book “Autobiography of Yogi.”

He is the co-founder of the Kriya Lightning Foundation with his partner Ariel, which is a non-profit organization geared to teach people how to release Ego and connect with Heart’s Truth or Intuition. He is a hidden gem, and you’re not going to find him speaking anywhere else because he’s not active on social media or anything of the sorts. He’s become one of my recent teachers, and has truly changed my life in many ways.

We dive in deep in this conversation on his story of becoming a Channel, releasing Ego and trapped emotions, connecting with Heart’s truth or Intuition, and SO MUCH MORE!

And stay till the end of the video for Shawn Elliot Russell with his song “Be Still Little Tree”


Courtney Runyon

And stay tuned till the end to watch Shawn Elliot Russell with his song “One Nation”.