Episode 7: Planting Seeds For Spiritual Growth – Rolling With Vik

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Nimo Patel is a hip hop artist, Ted Talker, and is devoted to service for humanity. He describes himself as a child at heart, loves animals, finds heaven in nature, enjoys expressing himself through the music and the arts, loves food but enjoys a health conscious lifestyle and finds deep joy in seeing others in joy, good health and peace. His life journey has led him on a path of service and love. Though a world-renowned musician, he’s just a simple dude that likes to laugh and share his heart with all beings. His life mission is to be a small instrument of love and peace.

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Show Notes

In this episode we cover:

  • Nimo’s journey to discovering his love for creating conscious music.
  • The meaning of living a life of “planting seeds” and how to live a life of surrender.
  • The importance of inner work and how to apply non-judgement to others especially during the times we live in.
  • Using “non-violence” and “non-judgement” to function from the core of ourselves, which is love.
  • Nimo’s reaction to reading my book, and what it took me to get to a space to write a book that’s so vulnerable.
  • The importance of being vulnerable to allow others to be able to do the same and access their authenticity.
  • Emptyhandsmusic.org

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