Episode 6: Following The Breadcrumbs – Rolling With Vik

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Leila Khan is an author, speaker, and self-mastery coach. She works with ambitious, soul-led leaders to magnetize success with ease so that they can inspire and impact others, make money & change the world without feeling disempowered or stuck. She believes that we have the power over our lives and destiny. Our life is not defined by our past nor is it in idle dreaming of the future. It’s all about what happens right here, right now.

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Show Notes

This episode is called “Following The Breadcrumbs.” And in this episode we cover:

  • The creation of her 2 books: “My Little Red Book Of Wisdoms” and “101+ Ways To Overcome Life’s Biggest Obstacles”
  • Following the breadcrumbs or signs from the universe to live our true destiny.
  • Mastering presence to receive spiritual downloads and divine guidance.
  • The magic and surprises that come with living the true spiritual journey.
  • Not settling in life and alchemizing our fears and struggles into wisdom.
  • Connecting to God with our heart and soul for answers especially during times of division and polarity.
  • leilakhanauthor.com

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