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Dr. Meg Haworth is a Holistic Healing Expert with over two decades of experience in nutrition, cooking for celebrities, and intuitive development & the mind-body connection. She is the 10-time published best-selling author of Get Well Now, international speaker, and YouTube TV Host of Intuitive Turning Points: Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs. She is the founder of Evolving Intuition; Building Self-Trust for Life Online Course & Coaching Program where she certifies students in her Whole Person Integration Technique. An emotional release mind-body technique that heals the relationship between difficult past experiences and illness. She has been featured in the LA Times, NBC Nightly News, The Huffington Post & Hay House Radio to name a few. You can find her on the web at www.meghaworth.com.

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Show Notes

This episode is called “Evolving Your Intuition To Live Your Best Life.” And in this episode we cover:

  • Dr. Meg Haworth’s healing journey from a number of illnesses including IBS, leaky gut, gastritis, and so much more.
  • Dr. Meg’s near-death experience at 2 years old that opened her up to seeing spirits and other phenomena.
  • Using the mind-body connection to heal from our emotional traumas.
  • The importance of developing and following intuition to experience your best possibilities.
  • The difference between intelligence and intuition and why they both are necessary to be able to use your whole brain.
  • The different aspects of intuition that you can develop beyond its guidance.
  • www.meghaworth.com

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