Episode 4: Healing With Voice, Sound, And Psychedelics – Rolling With Vik

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Michelle Coutinho is a healer, songstress, and empowerment coach who helps conscious women and men attune to a deeper resonance with their voice, presence, and own their personal power. She is the creator of Vocal Alchemy and Embodiment, a process that rewires the energetic nervous system using the voice as a gateway to the subtle body to create a sense of lightness and expansion that releases stored trauma from the mental and emotional body and heals the psyche on a multi dimensional level.

She teaches transformational workshops, co-create ceremonial spaces, and offers deeply connected heart-centered embodiment practices such as yoga, sound healings, and sacred song circles to create a sense of True Alignment. Her work weaves the threads of many ancient lineages such as Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, Bhakti Yoga, and Native American wisdom.

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Show Notes

This episode is called “Healing With Voices, Sound, and Psychedelics.” And in this episode we cover:

  • Michelle’s spiritual upbringing growing up with teachers like Ram Das.
  • Healing our pain through the use of our voice and mantras.
  • Using psychedelics like mushrooms and ayahuasca for ascencion.
  • Doing energy work to tap into your soul and uncover your spiritual abilities.
  • The presence of love and spirituality that is becoming present on the political stage.
  • The necessity for many female healers to heal the witch wound.
  • Instagram: @michellecoutinho
  • michellecoutinho.com

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