Episode 3: Connecting With Your Spiritual Team – Rolling With Vik

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Monica Lawson was in a tragic car accident at the age of 10, during which she had a near-death experience. Since then, she has been able to hear, see, feel and know the other side. As a sought-after spiritual advisor, she shares this guidance to help her clients discover their purpose, connect with their spiritual gifts, and to co-create a life of joy. She gives readings to people from all walks of life, all faiths and belief systems, from all over the world, including celebrated actors, movie producers and directors, Grammy award-winning singers and songwriters, Silicon Valley executives and fellow spiritual teachers. Although her clients range in age of 11-80, they’re all looking for the same thing: to find their mission.

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Show Notes

This episode is called “Connecting With Your Spiritual Team.” And in this episode we cover:

  • The near-death experience Monica had that opened up her spiritual gifts.
  • How to open up your antenna and connect with your spiritual gifts.
  • We all have a spiritual team and have the ability to connect to them at all times.
  • Why processing our triggers and traumas open us up to other realms of consciousness.
  • What Covid has brought to everyone around the world and where we’re going collectively.
  • Direct spiritual messages for us channeled through Monica by her Spiritual Team.
  • themonicalawson.com

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